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Unique promotional gifts
Original, special, unique

Minimum quantity from 100 pieces onwards.

With the help of suppliers from all over the world, we can make promotional and business gifts according to your design and wishes.

Promotional or business gifts are still the cheapest and most permanent form of sales promotion.

Due to the great competitiveness in the market, we need to make a good marketing move and come to the forefront, ahead of our competition.

Instead of having some limitations when printing on gifts, let your imagination run wild with endless possibilities of personalization.

With a little creativity, we can achieve that our business or promotional gift will be one that, in addition to its usability and quality, will also be innovative and pleasing to the eye. Only such a gift will be usable for a longer period of time and thus also achieve our marketing purpose.

Below we give you some unique gift ideas where you can unleash your creativity and proudly spread your brand or logo on them.

Custom made promotional gifts, ie promotional gifts for your design, you achieve a good impression and a high promotional effect on the customer or employees.

Advantages of CUSTOM MADE

The product is made according to your wishes and your design – we completely personalize and customize it.

Sometimes it happens that your designer has a very good idea, but such a design is difficult to print on existing products.

Custom-made products – Custom made is pushed before the product is finished. So we can print right to the edge or add labels, etc …

You can choose the colors according to the pantone scale and thus bring the product closer to the color of your logo and it is in line with your overall graphic image.

You can also choose some materials, even among organic, sustainable.

We can make packaging for you in product design. The look and decoration of the gift itself is very important for the gift recipients and for the eyes.

We also print on the handle.

With CUSTOM MADE promotional gifts or business gifts, you are one step ahead of your competition to accentuate your logo, brand or your message.

This strengthens the bonds between you and your business partners.

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